Corporate Social Responsibility

The company places a great emphasis on operating business under good corporate governance and adhering to the Code of Conduct while being fully aware of its social responsibility towards all stakeholder both inside and outside company from shareholder, employees, customers and society in order to lead to sustainable business development.

  Business Conduct with Fairness
The company is operated and managed ethically. The Board of Director had issued the code of ethic and the code of conduct for directors, executives and employees as a guideline for work with honesty, integrity and equitable treatment to all company’s stakeholder including shareholders, employees, customers, competitors, partners and creditors. The company has already disclosed the code of conduct in its website:

  Anti-Corruption Practice
The company recognizes the important of conducting business with integrity by adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, transparency, accountability, and non-corruption. The Board has established policies and practices against corruption, covers the issues of gift giving and entertainment expenses, sponsorship to political activities, business relations, procurement to public sector, whistle-blowing and complaints, including the process in dealing with the complaint, protection of the complainant and concerned persons. The directors, executives and employees can use as guideline against corruption.

  Human Right Esteem
The company adheres to the principle of equality and equality of human rights and used as the key concept to drive the organization. The Company caters to all levels of employees equally and applies no discrimination against people with race, religion, gender, age, marital status, and disability. The child labor and illegal worker employment was strictly prohibited. The guideline for human right practice was provided in the code of conduct in the part of the responsibility for the employees.

  Labor Handle with Fairness
The Company always recognizes that employees are the most important resource that will help drive and lead the Company to achieve the company's goals. The Company therefore carries out the supervision to employees and compliance with the law. The Company also provides fair treat to employees in terms of career opportunity, rewards, job promotions, job rotations, and potential development. The practice is based on following principles;
(1) Treat employees with courtesy and honor

(2) Provide fair compensation to employees

(3) Manage safety workplace for employees’ life and possessions

(4) Provide job promotion, job rotation, rewards and punishments with integrity and based on their knowledge, capability and appropriateness
(5) Emphasize in knowledge and capability development

(6) Strictly comply with labor law and regulation

(7) Avoid any unfair action that affect to job stability, avoid harassment and pressure on the employee's mental state

In additions, the Company provides welfares to employee including group life insurance, provident fund and annual health check.

  The Responsibility to Consumers
The Company strives to create customers’ satisfaction and confidence toward products and services as well as retains good relationship by focusing on integrity and fair-trading as per following guidelines

(1) Commits to sourcing product and improve up-to-date service to service customers’ needs

(2) Selling quality product and service at fair price

(3) Provide accurate information to customers without any exaggeration toward quality, quantity or any conditions of product and service

(4) Provide after sale service to accommodate customers

  Take Good Care of Environment
The company recognizes of its duties and responsibilities toward environment therefor practice based on following principles

(1) Select the environmental friendly product and safety to customers

(2) Prevent the Company’s operation that cause damage to quality of life of the community, society and environment

The Company also promotes the cost-effective use of resource as following;
● Equip LED light bulb which is energy saving and durable equipment to all shops and head office in order to avoid frequent-replacement
● Encourage employees to use their resources economically and maximally, such as recycle paper

  Community and Social Improvement
The Company realized that the Company was survived and grown up by the support from society and community. Therefore, to maintain the good society and community, the Company practice as per following principles:

(1) Participate to social activities in providing support on educational activities and knowledge improvement for all age and genders

(2) Operate business in a way that does not conflict with Thai tradition and custom and with no harm to society

In 2018, the company has provided it’s continual support for multiple educational projects, including projects for university instructors, educational staff, students and youths such as:

● “Learning with iPad” project which aim to educate teachers and students to apply iPad device in teaching and learning. The project was implemented to Prasartvidhynon School, Wattakwian (Sai-Utit) School Chachoengsao, Srakrachomsoponpittaya School Suphanburi, Assumption Convent School Lopburi and Santiratwitthayalai School.

● Short Film Camp project for youth in eastern with Computer Center of Burapha University

In addition, the Company has supported the Better Thailand Foundation for various projects to promote and encourage intellectual projects including Center-of-Learning-with Fun Project which is the project to construct a learning center with equipment and teaching media at Chumchonbankaengsuaten School, and “Card for You” project which is a painting competition event with the aim to be a forum for underprivileged and disabled children to present their talents in art to conveys their dreams, hope and imagination through their paint brush.

As well as, the Company has participated in SET Social Impact GYM by mai Executives which the Stock Exchange of Thailand together with the “Market for Alternative Investment (mai) by the Stock Exchange of Thailand” and mai Listed Companies Association have organized with an aim to develop the potential of social enterprise (SE) for strong and sustainable growth by that the Company participated as volunteers to share knowledge, expertise, and experience to participants.

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