Dividend Policy

The company’s dividend policy is to pay shareholders at least 40 percent of its net profit after tax. However,the payout
ratio may be lower if the company plans to expand its operations. The dividend payment shall not exceed the retained
earnings in the company’s financial statements.
Approved Date
XD DateDividend 
payment Date
Type of dividendDividend per Share 
Performance Period
SPVI13/02/6328/02/6322/04/63Cash0.1001/01/62 - 31/12/62
SPVI12/02/6228/02/6222/04/62Cash0.0601/01/61 - 31/12/61
SPVI15/02/6128/02/6125/04/61Cash0.04 01/01/60 - 31/12/60
SPVI16/02/6028/02/6025/04/60Cash0.012 01/01/59 - 31/12/59
SPVI16/02/5901/03/5926/04/59Cash0.0201/01/58 - 31/12/58
SPVI17/02/5806/03/5810/04/58Cash0.0201/01/57 - 31/12/57
SPVI10/02/5713/03/5718/04/57Cash0.016301/01/56 - 31/12/56
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