Vision / Missions

  Policy and Business Direction

SPVI’s business strategy is focused on maintaining sustainable growth by providing integrated products and services that add value to both our customers and society. We also support a learning culture and develop our staff to uphold the following corporate values, vision and missions:


S P V I: Digital Experience and Solutions for All Generations

     Service Excellence   :  Providing the best service to accommodate our customers'digital lifestyles. (Digital Lifestyle)
     People   :  Continuing to develop and care for our team in order to move forward together.
     Value   :  Ensuring our customers. staffs and stakeholders receive the value they deserve.
     Integrity   :  Managing business with honesty and adhere to virtue.


To be leader in digital solutions provider that creates superior digital experience for all generations


     1. Committed to be a social contributor in educational development by encouraging teachers and students to utilize technology in data analysis, idea creation, planning, researching, problem solving, co-working and presentation to enter in “LifeLong Learning” 

     2. Committed to create best experience in technology for everyday lifestyle for all ages.

     3. Committed to develop our team and cultivating a positive working attitude in order to professionally serve our customers. We also place an emphasis on building our knowledge to keep pace with today’s rapid technological advancements so as to achieve the best possible results.

     4. Committed to offering the best service and providing innovative technology that caters for a modern, creative and digital lifestyle.


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