Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors realizes the importance of good corporate governance with corporate transparency and equitable treatment to all concerned parties. The Board believed that good corporate governance policy is an important factor in business operating. Therefore, the Board has established a “Good Corporate Governance Policy” which covering the content of 1) the Rights of Shareholders, 2) the Equitable Treatment of Shareholders, 3) the Company’s Conduct Towards Relevant Stakeholders, 4) Disclosure and Transparency and 5) Responsibilities of the Board of Directors. 


The Board has already reviewed and improved the Company’s Good Corporate Governance Policy, latest on August 6, 2019, for its appropriate to the business circumstance and compliance with the principles of Good Corporate Governance for Listed Company 2012, established by the Stock Exchange of Thailand as well as CG Code of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange, The Company disclosed the content of “Good Corporate Governance Policy” in its website:


In 2022, the company conformed to the Good Corporate Governance Policy, which can be summarized as follows:



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