Driving Business for Sustainability

Policy and Sustainability Management Goals

     The Company has been strongly committed to grow its business in accordance with the conceptual framework of sustainable development. The Company believes that sustainable business operation is not about making a business run for long but enabling business for sustainable growth by establishing strong foundation to grow its business together with supporting better society and environment. Therefore, when the Company is operating well on the strong business foundation as well as taking into account the mutual benefits of the stakeholders, the Company will be able to sustain its business to deliver good products and services as well as, eventually, create value and sustainability for the society.

     To emphasize on sustainable business practices, the Company has implemented measures on social responsibility in its business process (CSR – in – Process) for sustainable development, which cover various dimensions of sustainability-related issues including economic, social, and environment. These measures have been implemented through the main point of operating framework including good corporate governance, human right, labor practices, environment, fair operation to consumers, engagement, and development to society in order to gain trusted in business operation from stakeholders. In this regard, the Company has communicated the conceptual framework of sustainable development to all departments to get understanding and raise awareness to its importance. This will help create cooperation to drive the Company’s 

Managing Impact on Stakeholders in the Company’s Value Chain

  • Corporate’s Value Chain
         The Company’s business operations are divided into 4 main activities, all of which impact stakeholders in the value chain. Details are as follows:

    1. Sourcing and Procurement

    2. Logistic and Distribution

    3. Retail and Marketing

    4. Responsibility to consumer and After Sales Service


To ensure the smooth main business operations, the Company recognizes the importance of operating supporting activities as much as main activities. Such supporting activities include sourcing and procurement, recruiting, developing and retaining personnel, technology and information technology management, risk management, information security and cyber security.

  • Analysis on stakeholders in corporate’s value chain     



Company’s Response

Channel to Participate

Shareholders / Investors

- Good performance and good return on investment

- Good corporate governance

- Data Transparency

- Disclosure of accurate information in a timely manner

- Good governance on human right and equality

- Review the Company’s strategies and goals to create sustainable returns

- shareholders to attend the Annual General Meeting and participate in asking question and raise opinion in the meeting
Disclosure of company

- information in a transparent and timely manner through the Stock Exchange of Thailand and other channels including on the Company’s website

- Provide opportunity for shareholder to directly present their opinions and complaints to the Company

-  Annual Report

- Annual General Meeting

- Contact Investor Relation at

Tel. 02-559-2901 -10

Email : ir@spvi.co.th

Website : www.spvi.co.th


- Treat employee with respect to Human Rights

- Provide reasonable and fair compensation as well as other benefit

- Comply to labor ethics 

- Life and property safety 

- Knowledge development 

- Opportunity for career advancement 

- Manage appropriate and fair compensation including welfare

- Fair treat to all employee with equality and respect in Human Right  

- Provide opportunity and career advancement

- Organize training to develop capability to employee  

- Provide safety workplace 

- Orientation for new employees

- Information providing to employee 

- Complaint Center or Human Resource Department 

- Direct complaint to the management Email companysecretary@spvi.co.th 

- Annual performance assessment


- Quality of product and service both before and after sales

- Reasonable price of product and service

- Accurate information of product attribute and promotional activity

- Training product knowledge to employee for service efficiently

- Provide demonstration product for trial before purchase

- Organize workshop to educate product knowledge and technique both at stores and webinar

- Interaction with customers while providing service 

- Workshop or seminar to provide knowledge and skill to customers both at stores and online

- Customer satisfaction survey

Business Partner

- Fair Trade

- Anti-bribery and corruptions 

- Compliance with commercial terms

- Fair treat to business partner 

- Ontime debt settlement

- Equitable treatment to business partner

- Well-defined purchasing process

- Knowledge sharing and improvement of product and service

- Compliance with trading regulations and conditions

- Free trade and fair competition 

- Give precedence to manufacturing standard

- Operations with ethics 

- Meeting and discussion with mutual agreement

- Opinion exchange including suggestion for improvement



- Promote and support social activities that are beneficial to community and society

- Employment

- Career supports in the local community

- Promote and support activity related to society and community

- Community engagement through employment

- School and university activities

- Stores located in each university

Environmental Sustainability Management

     The Company is aware of its responsibility to the environment and natural resources. Therefore, it gives precedence to utilize natural resources efficiently by cultivating consciousness to employees by providing basic knowledge of environmental management such as water saving, electricity saving, and efficient use of resource through communications and campaigns. The Company has adhered to practices to reduce environmental impact as follows:

  1. Sourcing products that are environmentally-friendly and safe for customers

  2. Monitoring and controlling the Company’s operations to not damage the quality of life of the community, society, and environment.

  3. Cultivating the concept of environmental responsibility among employees in order to create understanding toward the necessity of environmental protection by providing continuously training on efficiently environment management.

  • Reducing energy consumption

         The Company has created a campaign to promote  efficient use of energy through various media channels of the Company by encouraging employees to participate in reducing energy consumption from the operation  process such as turning off and  unplugging the electronic equipment after use, turning off the air conditioning during lunch break, reducing hours of air conditioning usage and  setting the appropriate temperature, check and clean electric equipment regularly to keep them work effectively, use energy saving lamp both at branches and head office, arrange meeting through video conference to replace traveling to meeting in person, etc.
         The Company has been operated under the corporate vision and business guideline with responsibility to manage the sustainable environment. The Company aim to reduce the Greenhouse Gases as well as balance the environmental management. This is under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Goals) no. 13 which is about Climate Action that specify to implement emergency measures to cope with climate change and its impacts. As well as under the SDG Goals no. 17 which is about the partnerships for the goals that means the power of cooperation globally for sustainable development.
         In 2022, with an aim to increase green area, the Company with the Association of Listed Companies in the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) has participated in Care the Wild 'Plant & Protect' project which is a collaboration platform to raise funds to grow forests. That support has successfully created forest areas and that areas become the sustainable source of food for the community. The example is the planting forests at Ban Aoi and Ban Boon Rueng Community Forest, Ban Wiang Subdistrict, Rong Kwang District in Phrae province. The said forest cover 1 rai or 1,600 square metres area with 200 trees planted there which will help reduce greenhouse gases by absorbing 1,800 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year.
         In addition, the Company has initiated the  "Closed Loop" project in order to turn 100 of old uniforms to new clothes. This project help reduced water consumption by 13,736 liters and saved energy by 1,248 kilowatts per hour as well as help reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 208 kilograms.

  • Reducing the use of natural resources
         The Company has arranged a variety of activities to promote reducing use of natural resources and using it efficiently.

    • Participated in campaign to reduce use of plastic bags at stores

    • Choose photocopier and ink cartridges with a green label that are certified for health, safety, and environmental protection.

    • Waste sorting to make it easier to recycle and reduce waste that must be disposed of, such as paper, packaging, plastic

    • Manage obsolete products by selling scrap to recycling stores instead of destroying it.

Social Sustainability Management
The Company recognized the value and the crucial role of the employee. The Company believes that  quality employees are the most important factor that lead the organization to sustainable growth. In addition, the Company gives precedence to business operation under good corporate governance and adherence to ethical principles along with social responsibility by taking into account the stakeholders related both inside and outside organization  from shareholders, customers and the society.

  • Human Capital Management
    The Company has a policy to reinforce and develop personnel to be knowledgeable, and expertise, as well as being ethical and working with honesty.
         In 2022, the Company has arranged training sessions with management and employees, both internal and external training. Percentage of management and employees who have been trained are 51.25 percent of average number of employee during the year which is proportionate to more than 50 percent of average number of employees and the total number of training hours is 1,674 hours per year and accounted for an average of 6 hours per person per year.

  • Biosafety
     The Company has a policy that focuses on the quality of work life of employees and treating the employees fairly, as well as providing a good working environment and taking into account the employee’s welfare for their safety. Therefore, the Company has provided life insurance and health insurance to the employees as well as provident fund and annual health check program for all employees. In addition, the Company also cooperated with Siam Commercial Bank to provide benefits of special rate for loan to employees. Moreover, the Company provides a good working environment and takes into account the welfare to ensure safety for employees. Referring to  data on accidents and absence from work status in 2022, it was found that the statistics of accidents or the rate of absence due to work-related illness were 0.00.
         In the epidemic of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-10) situation, the Company has paid attention and supported employee’s health care by preventing and creating a safe environment and supporting good health. The Company has announced a work-from-home policy with concern for the health 

  • Respecting Human Right
    The Company adheres to the principle of equality and human rights as well as uses it as the main idea to drive organizations. The Company gives equal importance to employees at all levels by not discriminating against any individual person due to their race, religion, gender, age, marital status, and disability. The Company also strictly complies with the policy of no child and illegal labor as well as prepared guidelines for its responsibility to the employee in the Code of Conduct and Ethics manual.

    1. Treat employees with courtesy and dignity

    2. Provide fair compensation to employees

    3. Maintain a working environment that is safe for the employee’s life and property at all times

    4. Appointment and job transfer as well as rewarding and punishing employees by considerate their trustworthy, knowledge, abilities, and appropriateness of the employees

    5. Give precedence to developing competencies of the employees

    6. Comply with laws and regulations related to employees strictly

    7. Avoid any unfair behavior affecting to job security of employees or any threat action and put pressure on the employees

      Fair Treat to Employees
      The Company has always recognized that employees are crucial resources that will help drive and lead the Company to success. Therefore, the Company complies with the law as well as provides fair treatment in terms of job opportunities, reward, promotion, job transfer, and potential development by adhering to the following principles.

  • Fair Trade

         The Company has operated its business and managed it with ethics. The Board of Directors has provided a code of conduct manual to the committee, executives and employees to use as a guideline for work with honesty, integrity, quality, morally and fairness to all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers, competitors, partners and creditors. The said code of conduct has been disclosed on the Company’s website https://www.spvi.co.th/en/code-of-conduct

  • Anti-corruption

         The Company realizes the importance of conducting business with integrity by adhering to good corporate governance to support work with transparency, verifiable, and free from any kind of corruption. The Board of Directors has established an anti-corruption policy and guideline which covers various issues including gifting, supporting entertainment expenses, supporting political activities, business connection and government procurement, whistle-blowing and complaint, as well as the process of handling complaints and protecting the whistleblowers and related persons. This policy is for the directors, executives and employees of the Company to use as guidelines for anti-corruption practices.

  • Responsibility to Consumers
    The Company is committed to build satisfaction and confidence in its customers by providing the good products and services as well as maintaining good relationships by focusing on trading with integrity and fairness. The practice guidelines are as follows.

    1. Committed to providing up-to-date goods and always improving services to serve the needs of customers

    2. Offer the qualified product and service at fair price

    3. Provide accurate information to customer without exaggeration that causes misunderstanding in quality, quantity or any conditions of that product or service

    4. Provide after-sales service in order to facilitate customers efficiently

  • Community and Social development
     The Company recognized that the Company survived and grew up by the support of society and community. Therefore, to maintain a good society and community, the Company has adhered to the following principles.

    1. Participate in social activities in providing support to educational activities and knowledge development for all ages and genders

    2. Conducting business in a way that does not conflict with Thai tradition and custom and with no harm to society.

         In 2022, the Company has provided continual support for multiple educational projects to support university instructors, educational staff, as well as youth, and their parents. The projects are as follows.

    • The “Learning with iPad”project which aims to educate teachers to use iPad for teaching and educate students to use iPad for learning at school. The participating schools are Attawit Commercial Technology College, Chuenchom Thai-German College of Technology, Suankularb Wittayalai Nonthaburi School, Marie Wittaya Saint Mary School, Saint Joseph Si Songkhram School, Samutprakan Institute of Commerce and Technology, and Southeast Bangkok College.

    • The “Learning with Mac” which aims to educate teachers to use Mac for teaching. The participating schools are Siam Technology College, Tharntechnological College, and Chitralada Technology Institute.

         In addition, the Company has supported the Better Thailand Foundation which create various projects to promote and encourage intellectual projects including “Card for You” which aim to be a forum for underprivileged and disabled children to present their talents in art to conveys their dream, hope and imagination through their paint brush as well as donating to Thai Red Cross Society.
         The Company also participated in “SET Social Impact Gym 2022” project under the concept of “Idea to I-done” which was organized by the Stock Exchange of Thailand together with the “Market for Alternative Investment (mai) by the Stock Exchange of Thailand” and mai Listed Companies Association (maiA) to develop the potential of social enterprise (SE) for strong and efficient business operation. This project aims to encourage social entrepreneurs to participate in social problem-solving in various dimensions of society including agriculture, vulnerable groups, community development, health, education and environment. As well as, this project aims to magnify the outcome of sustainable development of enterprise and society. By that Mr. Trisorn Volyarngosol, Managing Director of the Company, participated as volunteer coach.
         The Pranporpieng Organic Lifestyle & Farm Co., Ltd., a social enterprise which aim to solve problem of community development, agricultural farms, agro-tourism, community ecosystem, creates income, creates careers, creates knowledge and improves quality of life of people in the community. Mr. Trisorn Volyarngosol participated in giving advice, ideas and in-depth suggestions on business management, business model expansion as well as marketing strategies for the Pranporpieng Organic Lifestyle & Farm Co., Ltd. in order to support capability in consulting business. As a result, the Pranporpieng Organic Lifestyle & Fam Co., Ltd. has learned from sharing experiences and ideas to applied to their business for the sustainable business growth and more efficient.


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