Dear Shareholders,

          During the year 2022, the company was operating through the economic fluctuations. In the first half of the year, there was a widespread Covid epidemic that had frozen all the economic and business activities, which affected the business of the company to a certain extent. This coupled with the geopolitics problem in Europe that created the supply chain problem and the industrial production because of the shortage of raw material It inevitably caused the shortage of computer chips that were important components of our goods. Apart from the above problem, Thailand ‘s main income derives from tourism was also hit hard from the closing of the country that had a major effect to the income and spending of the consumers.

           Anyway, during the second half of 2022, the Covid epidemic subsided and the government decided to relax the control and slowly open the country for business and tourists, so the country’s economy started to recover. At the same time the global industrial production has started to function again, after their adjustment during the crisis. Form the new economic and tourism policy of the government, the activities of various segments in the country have gradually recovered. This has assisted the operation of the company to improve both the sale and profit. Coupled with the policy of the company to expand the market and sale channel to suit the needs and the direction of the market that focus in applying technology to support all aspects of their operations. We had selected the products and sale supports to comply with the market and customer’s need. We had expanded the market present and opened the new branches in the high potential areas, while at the same time, controlled the operating cost at a suitable level. From our operation strategy, we had achieved good operating result, maintained the sale and profit level to the same level as the financial year 2021 and the planned target.

           The company anticipated that if Thailand economic progress can continue from the end of 2 0 2 2 and the government maintains the policy to continuous support the electronic industry that will result in the expansion of the application of technology in every sectors, the company will be ready to grow together with the progress of the country as the company has products, the experiences and knowledgeable staff, the market presence and electronic sale channel that can respond to the customers and market needs.

         Finally, the board of director and management world like to express our sincere appreciation to our shareholders, customers and business partners for their continuous support our operation and provide valuable advices to guide our business. We affirm that we shall conduct the business prudently, transparently with care and good governance. We shall support Thailand’s economic, social and technological development, maintain and protect environment so that the company can sustain the business growth to achieve good return for our customers and shareholders

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