Dear shareholders,

During 2020, the whole world has suffered from one of the worst pandemic in the history of mankind which greatly disrupted our way of lives, global social and economy. Thailand could not avoid the natural disaster, all businesses and communication were completely at a standstill. Our daily lives and businesses had to adjust to the new norm. Our company’s business was directly and greatly impacted by this unexpected situation in terms of sales, service deliveries, goods, stock and day to day operations. All needed to be adjusted and changed in every aspects, not only sourcing of goods, sales and deliveries, but also marketing and management, We had to put more effort in the new delivery channels such as e-commerce which I have to put on record that we received full cooperation from all levels of our staff to change the processes and provide the best services to our customers. This is on top of our strict and carefully control of our expenses.

As a result of our dedication and full cooperation from our staff and management teams, our company can successfully go through the difficult period quite well. As our whole society, our way of lives and our customer’s businesses have adapted to the new normal, such as the way we work  , education, home order purchasing of goods and food, conduct financial transactions and electronic payments from home, the new processes have to rely on technology and telecommunication equipment, Fortunately, this provided a great opportunity for our company to provide the services and fulfill our customer’s needs, resulting in the satisfactory performance in the second half of the year.

Apart from the above, our long term and continuous strategy in focusing in the educational area and the expansion of the e-ecommerce channel have boded well with the situation, enabling us to expand and make our business more stable.

From the above action plan, despite the difficult business environment, we have achieved a satisfactory performance which is on par with the year 2019, The financial statement as of 31 December 2020 shows the total revenue of 3,634.97 million baht, an increase of 0.69% from 2019.  The profit after tax of 73 million baht, 3.16 percent lower than 2019 and profit per share of 0.18 baht, reducing only 0.01 baht per share.

Finally, all board members and executive officers would like to express our thanks to our shareholders, customers and business partners for their supports and valuable advices. We affirm that we will conduct the business prudently, transparently with good corporate governance. We shall provide continuous support to Thailand economic, technology and social development for sustainable growth to achieve the good return to our customers and shareholders

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