Professional Development 
SPVi Public Company Limited in Education          

SPVi Public Company Limited, with over 30 years of educational        Others services support : 
experience (since 1989), has devoted our staff and technology to     OnSite Training
providing opportunities for students and educational employees to    Online Training
for users in the education sector, including those from primary school,   Consulting with Educational
high school, vocational school, and university. One of the goals of       Technology,Design and 
learning technology integration is to equip the next generation with       Installation
21st-century skills and technological competency in preparation for      - Smart Classroom
the future. The importance of these learning skills is that they provide     - E-learning & Online Exam
individualized support for lifelong learning.    - IT Infrastructure
     - VOIP Telecommunication System
Additionally, SPVi has support teams that assist with the setup      - VM Ware Server
implementation of iPad and Macintosh computer labs in schools and     - Educational Site Development 
universities. In particular,SPVi has assisted in the creation of a 1:1     - After services support
(one-to-one) and BYOD project, which means that one iPad or Apple      
computer is assigned to each student in public schools, private schools, 
international schools, vocational colleges, and universities.This project 
has been completed in some educational sites and is currently being    
implemented in others. However, the key to their success is how     
theyare ableto keep these projects running maintain. 

SPVi has two academic support members who have been accredited by   
Apple Inc. as Apple Professional Learning Providers (APLP) to provide  
guidance and support for professional development with teachers and  
educators on how to use technology seamlessly and efficiently.SPVi,    
we have services support for curriculum integration, media production,fundamentals of coding and application  
development, coding for robotics automation, and other educational technology courses are available. SPVi also  
organizes academic days, parent meetings, summer camp, and short-term training classes to promote educational   
institution activities. 

APLP (Apple Professional Learning Provider)
                                                     Mr. Chanathip Adularee     
Mr. Chat Lomchay  
Education Business Development ManagerAccredited Professional Learning 
Email : chanathip@spvi.co.thEmail : chat@spvi.co.th

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